Ahemfo, means Kingship in Akan (Chieftaincy, as is currently known is as old as the country itself). Ahemfo Radio is a Montreal , Canada based community online radio station.

Ahemfo Radio will serve as a forum for debate, discussion and exchange of community, local, national and international news, events and culture. We seek to tap into the rich experiences of the first generation of professionals in our community to help equip the next generation.

We will engage in stimulating and thought provoking conversations on issues affecting our community. We will use this forum to educate, inspire, and entertain through culturally relevant quality programming that reflects the diversity of our country, its people and its different local dialects.

We will broadcast our programs in many of our local dialects as long as we find presenters. Ahemforadio will provide space for media access and education, placing equipment, skills, and critical tools in the hands of the next generation who will be interested in persuing a career in the media.

We aim to serve with particular interests and enthusiasm for our people who are under-represented by other media and to provide outlet for the exchange of cultural and intellectual ideas and quality music.

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