We are a group of like-minded people who believe that there should be more listening choice in the Montreal Area. For far too long our voices have not been heard. It’s time that the community were given their own community voice to be able to air their views and receive feedback, contribute to and enjoy what community radio has to offer.

We broadcast daily from studios on Ogilvy in Montreal. All our programming is produced locally by people from the community.

We will broadcast live from:

Monday to Friday:  20 h 00 – 22 h 00
Saturday :               10 h 00 – 22 h 00
Sunday:                   15 h 00 – 22 h 00

Whenever you tune in you will have something local to listen to. Some of our programmes are interactive, so we encourage listeners to call in and share ideas.
We are proud that our music choice ranges from the 50s to the present day and covers most genres, including Gospel, Hi-life, Hip-Life, Oldies, Dance and many more.

Our longer term aim is to be able to broadcast some of our local events live on the internet (webcasting) and one day be able to have a TV station. We will also produce factual programming with a mix of relevant music to complement the information being given.

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