What is your " on-air name? " The Dude "

What is your full name? Albert Kwadwo Nsiah

What decade were you born in? '80s


What programme do you host? Youth Talk(Modern Youth)

When can we listen to you on Ahemfo Radio?

What are your Hobbies?Movies and Table Tennis

What is your favourite TV programme? " American Idol "


Who is your favourite Ghanaian Artiste? Agya Koo

What are your dislikes? Birds

If there was an event you could revisit in your life what would it be? " Taking a minor in Finance at university.

"I love being part of Ahemfo Radio because..." " I like being part of the team at Ahemforadio because it provides an opportunity to give back to the community. At Ahemforadio I get the opportunity to give back to the community doing what ilke."


How can we reach you? koonsiah@ahemforadio.com